Healthcare Vinyl Flooring

HanWood is a leading brand of healthcare vinyl flooring for hospitals and aged care facilities that are focused on maximising the comfort and wellbeing of their patients. We offer hospital flooring vinyl products that are safe and durable without compromising the hygiene and sanitation of the area.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Our healthcare vinyl flooring synthetically replicates the appearance of natural flooring such as timber and concrete while providing a number of additional advantages. Easy to clean and maintain, our flooring only requires simple vacuuming and mopping. Signage and demarcation can also be integrated easily to distinguish different areas and facilitate the flow of patients, helping to improve the overall operational efficiency of your facility.

Establish an Appropriate Environment

Hospital flooring vinyl products are known for their strength and durability, allowing them to withstand the heavy foot traffic common to these areas 24 hours a day. They also feature shock absorbent and anti-static properties, not only making them comfortable to walk on but also protecting valuable hospital equipment from electrostatic shocks. Additionally, they offer excellent insulation while reducing excess noise and maintaining hygiene standards.

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